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Frequently asked questions

What’s special about Sensum Strategy Global?

The Sensum Strategy Global fund is managed based on an investment strategy developed by Fredrik Hegbart, called the Sensum Strategy. As part of the investment management strategy, an ongoing and systematic analysis is made of the market climate and macro indicators. The concept is based on Fredrik’s 27+ years of experience working with company analysis, macro analysis, and asset management. The outcome of the analysis of the market environment is then used to determine the type of exposure the fund should have. Sensum Strategy Global is always fully invested in a careful selection of high-quality global companies. However, when the market climate changes, the type of exposure in the fund is then adjusted. The world’s best companies are not always the world’s best stocks. By maintaining a clear view of the stock market cycle, Sensum Strategy Global strives to create attractive returns in different market environments.

What geographic areas and types of company does the fund invest in?

Does the fund have a large share of liquid funds or uses debt leverage as part of the management strategy?

How do you work with sustainability in the management of Sensum Strategy Global?

How do you see the risks posed by the fund’s investment strategy?

What are the fees for Sensum Strategy Global?

What is the MSCI World index?

Where can I find the development for the fund and the latest NAV?

Where can I buy the fund?

Is there a minimum amount that can be saved in the fund?

Can I save in Sensum Strategy Global monthly?

Have the founders invested in the fund?

Are you planning to start more funds?

Do you lend the shares in the fund?

Who owns Sensum Investment AB?

Why is the fund managed by AIFM Capital AB?