About the fund

Sensum Strategy Global is an actively managed macro-driven long-only equity fund that invests globally in high-quality companies.

The portfolio manager, Fredrik Hegbart, has more than 27 years of experience of company analysis, macro analysis, and asset management. Based on this experience, he has created a unique investment strategy – the Sensum Strategy – which he applies in his management of the fund.

The Sensum Strategy

The Sensum Strategy involves the ongoing and methodical analysis of companies, macro indicators, and market climate based on extensive experience of the financial markets and asset management. The outcome of the analysis is then used to determine the nature of the exposure in the fund. Sensum Strategy Global is always fully invested in high-quality global companies. When the market climate changes, the type of company the fund invests in also changes. The world’s best companies are not always the world’s best stocks. By maintaining a clear view of the stock market cycle, Sensum Strategy Global strives to create attractive returns in different market environments.

Sensum Strategy Global normally consists of 25 to 30 high-quality global companies based in the US, the Nordic region, and the rest of Europe. Investments may, at times, be concentrated in a few sectors and geographical areas.

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The Sensum Strategy has been created to achieve a good absolute return

The Sensum Strategy has been created to achieve a good absolute return over time, but also to beat its benchmark index, MSCI World, which is one of the most widely used global indices. To be an actively managed global fund, Sensum Strategy Global has a relatively low fixed fee of 1%. The fund also has a variable fee that is only paid if the fund performs better than MSCI World. In this instance, a variable fee of 20% of the excess return compared to MSCI World is payable. When our investors do well, we also do well.

Fund management company

AIFM Capital AB


Fees (Share class A)

  • Fixed fee 1,0%
  • Performance fee 20% of the excess return compared to MSCI World

Portfolio manager

Fredrik Hegbart

Managed the fund since


Development for Sensum Strategy Global

For the latest NAV and development for the fund and comparison with the index, please see the information about the fund, which is updated daily on Morningstar.

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The fund is available at Avanza, Fondmarknaden.se, Fondo and SAVR. The fund is also distributed via so-called fund distributors such as MFEX and Allfunds. This means that the fund can be purchased from most banks and stock brokers. If you’re unsure whether Sensum Strategy Global can be purchased from your bank, please contact your advisor and ask. 

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